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Little handmade felt Bunnies to adopt and love. These sweet little orphans like to travel in purses and backpacks, they are happy to sit on a shelf or in your hand. and, they love to be snuggled by dollies! Best of all each bunny is filled with loads of good karma...and we all could use some of that :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sometimes saying goodbye is tough

Goodbye little Bun :) You will be safe in your little nest untill you reach your destination....

I am so happy :) My little buns are featured in two very cool Blogs!

One is called mademoiselle blythe blog and the post is about Flickr's own chocolatcake and her Phantom buns live there. Here is the Link: Phantom Room

The second Blog is also from a very talented Flickr star, Embellish Yourself. This site is very informative and has loads of great ideas for your dollies. Also please check out her Etsy shop! Here is a link to the Blog entry:

Thank you both so much for mentioning my little bunnies :)))

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snappy Ears!

If your bun wants snappy ears (lop ears with a snap) --- good for keeping the bun around your dollies neck, or on a chain around yours --- it costs $2 extra.
Original idea from the beautiful Snoopygirl

Thanks for everyones support and all the bunlove ;)